Unraveling the Causes of Blurry Vision During Pregnancy

Unraveling the Causes of Blurry Vision During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a magical time. It is a highly miraculous phase in a couple’s life where they prepare to bring new life into this world, leading to a closer, more intimate bond between them. Pregnancy is also a transformative time for the woman, characterized by numerous physiological changes. 

While some of these changes, such as morning sickness, fatigue, and hormonal changes, are well known by all, one change that expectant mothers often overlook is blurry vision. The onset of blurry vision is during the first trimester and can last for the whole duration of the pregnancy. This can be quite unsettling for mothers, making common tasks more tedious and challenging. However, understanding the causes behind blurry vision during pregnancy can help tackle it better and alleviate a lot of the symptoms. 

In this blog, we will shed some light on the causes of blurry vision during pregnancy and how it can affect a woman’s vision during this transformative time.

What Causes Blurry Vision During Pregnancy?

Let’s explore the five predominant causes of blurry vision during pregnancy.  

1. Hormonal Changes

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that expectant mothers undergo a lot of hormonal fluctuations during their pregnancy. This forms one of the primary causes of blurry eyesight during motherhood. The variations in hormones such as estrogen and progesterone being released in a woman’s body can change the cornea’s shape and thickness. These slight fluctuations in the cornea influence how much light enters the mother’s eyes, leading to temporary blurred vision. 

2. Water Retention

Another common side effect of pregnancy is water retention. While fluid retention can affect different organs in the body, it typically has the biggest and most noticeable impact on a woman’s eyes. Increased amounts of water being retained result in changes in the curvature of the eye’s lenses. This interferes with its ability to focus on objects properly, leading to vision disturbances and blurriness.

3. Preeclampsia

While Melasma is not something too dangerous, preeclampsia can be. Preeclampsia is a condition distinguished by damage to one’s organs, such as the liver and kidney, due to a sudden increase in blood pressure. During preeclampsia, the blood flow to a woman’s eyes is affected, causing vision disturbances. This condition requires prompt medical attention to prevent long-term damage to the mother’s eyes.

4. Gestational Diabetes

As the name suggests, gestational diabetes is a temporary form of diabetes occurring during motherhood. This condition is prevalent in one out of every three pregnant women. Diabetes is a known contributor to blurry vision and eyesight difficulties caused by the elevated levels of sugar in one’s bloodstream. Increased blood sugar levels are worrying as they can cause swelling of the mother’s lenses, negatively impacting her vision. 

Treat Blurry Vision During Pregnancy at the Best Eye Hospital in Mangalore

Pregnancy is a magical time in a couple’s life. But with it comes quite a few challenges that the mother has to deal with. Blurry vision can make day-to-day activities difficult and needlessly difficult. If you suffer from blurry vision during pregnancy, check your eyesight at the best eye specialist in Mangalore.

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