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Optometric vision therapy is a safe, effective, drug-free treatment option for both adults and children. It consists of a personalized treatment program designed to improve and enhance visual function and performance in individuals.

Vision therapy may be recommended to develop or improve core visual skills, comfort, ease, efficiency, of vision and/or improve how a person cognitively processes visual information and uses it to direct and monitor actions, depending on the condition.

Vision therapy aims to improve several eye conditions; some of which include:

  • Focusing difficulties
  • Eye fatigue
  • Depth perception and 3D vision difficulties
  • Hand-eye coordination difficulties
  • Visual perception and processing issues
  • Orthoptics

    Orthoptics Vision Therapy

    Orthoptics is a subset of optometrics, which literally means “straightening of the eyes,”. It focuses on the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of strabismus (wandering eye), amblyopia (lazy eye), and other eye movement disorders.

    Orthoptists use prisms and convergence therapy in vision therapy to restore binocular single vision and enhance control of an eye deviation. It differs from optometric behavioural vision therapy (BVT) in that it uses colourful overlays and gadgets such as trampolines to improve learning difficulties.

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