The Cornea department at Prasad Netralaya specializes in the treatment of the entire range of corneal disorders and infections.

Corneal problems can occur in anyone regardless of age. Sometimes due to diseases, injuries or infections the cornea becomes cloudy or warped. A damaged cornea, like a frosted or misshapen windowpane, distorts light as it enters the eye. This not only causes distortion in vision, but it may also cause pain.

Apart from cataract surgery and corneal transplants, our doctors handle a range of other ocular complications, from infections on the surface of the eye and eyelids to trauma care.

Corneal Transplant

A corneal transplant or keratoplasty is a procedure where an ophthalmologist surgically replaces the diseased/infected cornea with a healthy one to restore clear vision. Keratoplasty is of two types: Full-thickness Penetrating Keratoplasty and Partial-thickness Lamellar.


Keratoconus is a disease where the cornea becomes thinner than normal and subsequently starts bulging forwards. This causes a blurring of visual images and is a known progressive condition. It is a disease that is common amongst youngsters, starts in the second decade and is more common amongst children prone to eye allergies.

Contact Lens Centre

The Contact Lens department at Prasad Netralaya is well equipped to cater to the requirements of all eye conditions. We provide a variety of contact lenses.

The prosthetic contact lenses can also be used in patient’s who have corneal scarring (white spots) or abnormalities like loss of iris, large/ irregular pupils can be given these lenses which will mask the scars/other deformities while simultaneously reducing the glare and photophobia. Our department also provides services for ocular surfacing, stem cell transplantation, corneal infections, and ocular traumas.

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