Dry eye therapy

Dry Eye Treatments

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that is usually chronic and progressive. In most cases, they can be managed and treated successfully, usually resulting in eye comfort, and clarity in vision. Apart from cataract surgery and corneal transplants, our doctors handle a range of other ocular complications, from infections on the surface of the eye and eyelids to trauma care.

The causes are as follows:

  • Side effects of drugs like antihistamines
  • Aging
  • Menopause
  • Laser eye surgery, ICL
  • Tear gland damage from inflammation
  • Diseases that affect your ability to make tears, like Sjogren’s syndrome, diabetes rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Dry eye diseases have a number of causes. Hence, a wide range of treatments is required to treat the condition.

Prasad Netralaya offers all the treatments that cater to dry eyes such as artificial tear drops, ointments, and other medical devices.

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