Corneal Emergencies

Corneal emergencies are sudden and severe eye injuries affecting an individual’s cornea. The cornea is the transparent layer on the surface of the eye. Depending on the injury, a victim’s eye might feel itchy, sensitive to light,secret a discharge, or even start bleeding. Timely intervention during corneal emergencies is crucial in preventing long-term damage and vision loss. Let’s look at some typical corneal emergencies.

1. Corneal Laceration

A corneal laceration is characterized by a deep gash or tear on the cornea, often caused by severe trauma from a sharp object. This is a serious emergency resulting in acute pain, bleeding, and infection.

2. Corneal Ulcer

Caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi, a corneal ulcer is a serious microbial infection of the cornea. Symptoms include severe pain, reddening of the eye, mild discharge, and light sensitivity.

3. Corneal Abrasion

An abrasion occurs due to a scratch or a mild cut on the corneal surface. This is often caused by foreign objects or blunt trauma. Symptoms can range from irritation in the eye to sharp pain and watering.

4. Chemical Burns

Our corneas are highly delicate, and any exposure to harmful chemicals can cause immediate damage. This can lead to intense pain, burning sensation, partial or total vision loss, and excessive eye tearing.

5. Corneal Perforation

Corneal perforation is a rare but very severe condition where a hole forms right through a person’s cornea. Accidents, trauma, or infections like microbial keratitis can cause this emergency.
A perforation poses a significant risk of fluid leakage from the eye, and patients should seek instant medical assistance to prevent vision loss. Symptoms include photophobia, excessive tearing, intense pain, and inflammation in the eye.

Seek Help for Corneal Emergencies at Prasad Netralaya Eye Hospital

Corneal emergencies can be extremely painful and can lead to permanent loss of vision. Timely intervention plays a significant role in limiting the damage and can save you from losing your eyesight.
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