All Your Prosthetic Eye Surgery Questions – Answered!

All Your Prosthetic Eye Surgery Questions – Answered!

Are you confused about whether to undergo a prosthetic eye surgery for you or a loved one? We know how confusing these things get; hence we are here to help you with all your doubts regarding the functioning of a prosthetic eye, the types of prosthetic eyes, and the cost of a prosthetic eye in India.

The most basic question anybody would have, and probably the most asked questions regarding a prosthetic eye, are “what are prosthetic eyes?”, “how does a prosthetic eye work?” and “can a person see with prosthetic eyes?”

The word prosthetic means any body part that is not real or in other words, is artificial. Similarly, a prosthetic eye, also called an Ocular eye, is an artificial eye that is put in the place of a real eye in the eye socket in cases where the real eye is being removed or has been removed due to some reason.

There are various causes for which a human eye is removed, such as an eye injury or infection, glaucoma, or the presence of a tumor in the eye. These eyes are made of high-quality acrylic material, considered highly durable. These prosthetics are fitted under the eyelid and look the same as a real eye, sometimes with a complete resemblance to the adjacent eye.

Now you might wonder, but can a person see with a prosthetic eye? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no. Removing the entire eye and implanting an ocular eye in the eye socket cannot bring a person’s vision back.  

People use a prosthetic eye to improve their looks and appearances. So even though an artificial eye will not bring your vision back, it will surely give you the much-needed balance in your appearance. On top of that, having an empty socket is highly uncomfortable; this is another reason you should opt for a prosthetic eye. Contrary to common beliefs, a prosthetic eye is not just about appearances but also comfort.  

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What are the types of prosthetic eyes available?

Mainly two types of prosthetic eyes are available. First is the Stock artificial eye. These are mass-produced prosthetic eyes that are available in the same shapes and sizes and cannot be customized for a person.

Various doctors strongly advise against these prosthetic eyes as they are uncomfortable for the person, do not provide movement alone, and lack cosmetic details specific to an individual. However, suppose the patient is in urgent need of a prosthetic eye. In that case, Stock artificial eyes come in handy as they are readily available and are much cheaper than a custom-made ocular prosthetic eye.

On the other hand, custom-made ocular prosthetic eyes are made for individual patients based on the prosthesis of their adjacent natural eye, making it visually appealing and equally comfortable for the patient. Custom-made ocular prosthetic eyes are, therefore, more expensive compared to that stock prosthetic eyes.

About Prosthetic eye surgery and treatment

A prosthetic surgery involves various steps, mainly removing the eye remnant from the eye socket. One method used for this is a process called enucleation, which involves the removal of the entire eyeball along with the sclera. The sclera is the white portion of the eye.

The other process is evisceration, in which the sclera is not removed but instead used to cover the porous implant in the eye. After this step, a clear plastic shell is put in the socket to ensure that the eye socket does not contract. After a few weeks, the measurements of the eye socket will be taken if you opt for a custom-made prosthetic eye.  

The final surgery hardly takes any time but requires about 72 hour’s observation by the medical team. After this, if everything seems fine to the doctor, you will get discharged from the hospital.

Once you are discharged, although you can return to your daily routine, you will need to take care of the eye dressing and be called back to the hospital to remove the stitches.

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Cost of a prosthetic eye

The cost of a prosthetic eye can vary depending on the location and cost of individual hospitals. But on average, the cost of a stock eye in India is between Rs 500 – 4000, while a custom-made prosthetic eye can cost you up to Rs 30000 or above.

Getting a prosthetic eye does not bestow you with the gift of vision. But it can do a lot more to your self-image and how you perceive yourself. Hence, it can be a good option to seek prosthetic eye surgery if you need one. 

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