How Much Laser Eye Surgery Costs in India and Other FAQs on Eye Surgery

How Much Laser Eye Surgery Costs in India and Other FAQs on Eye Surgery

People often wonder how much laser eye surgery costs in India. The word “laser” may sound exotic to some people, making them assume laser surgery is expensive.

While the actual cost depends on factors such as the type of hospitals and fees charged by doctors, it’s possible to find inexpensive and reliable laser eye surgery.

Read on to find answers to all questions related to laser eye surgery and how you can consult the best laser eye surgeons in Mangalore and Udupi.

1. How Is Laser Eye Surgery Performed?

First, anaesthetic eye drops are used to numb the area, and your eyelids are held open using clamps. Next, patients are required to stare at a light so that the surgeon can reshape their cornea without worrying about them moving their eyes. Then, the eye surgeon uses a programmed laser to reshape parts of your cornea.

2. What Is Laser Eye Surgery Used For?

Laser eye surgery is used for correcting refractive errors such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness.

The most common laser eye surgery is laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (or LASIK). It involves using a special type of laser to reshape the clear dome-shaped tissue at the front of your eye. The idea is to make the cornea bend light precisely onto the retina.

3. How Long Does Laser Eye Surgery Usually Take?

Laser eye surgery takes 10 minutes or less. The average time used to apply the laser depends on the individual’s specific problems and may range from a few seconds to a few minutes.

4. Is Laser Eye Surgery Expensive?

Considering the benefits of the surgery, the answer is “no”. A reputable eye care provider like Prasad Nethralaya may charge you between ₹30,000–₹60,000 for LASIK for both eyes. Based on the patient’s condition, the actual cost will be determined during the preoperative consultation.

5. Will Laser Eye Surgery Fix Astigmatism?

Yes, laser eye surgery can easily fix astigmatism. Surgeons use ultra-precise lasers to reshape the cornea of your eye, so it’s more symmetrical.

6. Does Laser Eye Surgery Hurt?

As your eyes are numbed using anaesthetic drops before the procedure, you won’t feel pain during the eye surgery. However, you might find having to concentrate on a light source and clamping your eye for the surgery a little annoying. But don’t worry; any discomfort and pain you may have experienced following surgery will go away in a few days.

7. Which Laser Eye Surgery Is Best?

LASIK is a popular laser eye surgery because it’s relatively quick and painless, with a high success rate. This procedure can correct a variety of vision problems, including astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. In some cases, contact lenses or glasses may not be required after performing this procedure.

8. When Will I See the Results of Laser Eye Surgery?

While the results depend on the individual, it is quick in most cases, with some patients experiencing improved vision in a day or two. It is critical that you follow your doctor’s advice diligently following surgery.

9. Is There a Minimum Age Prescribed for Laser Eye Surgery?

Patients must have a stable prescription before opting for laser eye surgery, which is why many are not eligible until they are 18 years old.

10. Can Pregnant Women Undergo Laser Eye Surgery?

In the case of pregnancy, you would need to wait until after delivery to be eligible for treatment, as hormonal changes may affect your vision. In most cases, doctors recommend waiting 3–6 months after giving birth before undergoing laser eye surgery.

11. What Is the Average Recovery Time for Laser Eye Surgery?

Many factors come into play in deciding your recovery time, such as the type of treatment and your body’s natural ability to heal. Age can also be an important factor. In most cases, patients see steady improvement within two days, but full recovery can take up to a week.

12. How Long Should You Wait Before You Go Swimming After Laser Eye Surgery?

Given that a swimming pool is a public utility, your doctor may advise you to stay away for at least two weeks to avoid the risk of infection.

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How Much Laser Eye Surgery Cost in India and Why It Matters

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