Dry Eyes Symptoms

What do Summer seasons remind you of? Holiday trips to another city/country, school vacations, long or short drives, and beaches. Dry eyes symptoms

Okay! What about burning, gritty, itchy, red or dry eyes? Does your vision get blurry or become sensitive to the bright lights? They are some of the very common symptoms that we face especially during the summer. And they should not be ignored.

So what happens if you don’t take care of your eyes?

What are Dry eyes? And why are they common especially during the summer?

” Dry eyes symptoms” is one of the most common eye problems that you can get affected with, during the summer season. Due to heat, the tear film on our eye evaporates faster than normal, in turn causing Dry eyes symptoms.

If the above mentioned symptoms aren’t attended to soon enough, they can aggravate and develop into Dry eyes symptoms Syndrome and other major eye problems.

How can you prevent it from happening?

  • Maintain personal hygiene and a hygienic environment: Dust and germs easily stick to sweaty skin, scalp and clothes. So it is highly recommended that you maintain hygiene at all times for yourself and family, to prevent sickness and eye problems.
  • Wash your eyes: Washing your eyes with water twice a day removes dust particles from and around them. Plus, washing your hands with mild soap, helps you prevent viral infections like conjunctivis, allergies, styes, etc.
  • Stop rubbing your eyes : Rubbing your itchy eyes, can sometimes permanently scratch and damage your cornea. And if they are itchy because of an allergy? Rubbing infected eyes secretes histamines (allergens) which can aggravate the itching and also cause pain.
  • Avoid air-conditioning whenever possible: Air-conditioners definitely feels better than fans. But they tend to dry the air in the room. And dryness in the environment makes your eyes dry as well. So if it’s not unbearably hot, try to avoid the air-conditioner.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes: Sunglasses shield your eyes from dust particles, direct sunlight,  and UV rays. You don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive brand of sunshades. There are some that can be bought at an affordable price which provide UV protection, anti-glare  etc, and you can also have a pair custom-made according to your preference and eyesight.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Bright sunlight can harm your vision. So try not to step out in the sun without a hat or an umbrella along with your sunglasses.
  • Keep your eyes hydrated: Applying a cool damp cloth across the closed eyes is a very simple and easy method. You can also consider other options like cool eye masks, cucumber slices, thin cotton pads soaked in rose water, etc.

In case your symptoms persist, even after all the home care, it’s recommended to visit an Eye Clinic as soon as possible.

Generally, the ophthalmologists prescribe eye lubricating drops, gels or ointments and suggest you to take necessary precautions. When diagnosed at an early stage, Dry Eyes can be easily treated and cured.

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