What Is an Easy Way to Wear Contact Lenses?

What Is an Easy Way to Wear Contact Lenses?

A lot of people these days are switching to contact lenses to avoid wearing glasses. They have started to become highly inconvenient and now with the mask mandate, the hassle of foggy glasses has increased. 

If you’re new to contact lenses and are having difficulties putting them on, or you’re someone who’s still wondering if it is good to wear contact lenses, then you’re at the right place! 

Before we get into how to put on contact lenses for the first time, let’s find out how contact lenses help and who can wear contact lenses! 

What are contact lenses and who can wear them? 

Contact lenses are thin curved lenses that are placed directly on the eye to correct vision impairments. People who are involved in vigorous activities like sports often use them. 

If you want to use contacts, the first step is to visit an eye doctor for a contact lens examination. During this eye examination, your doctor will assess if your eyes are healthy enough to be wearing contact lenses. 

For a variety of reasons, patients might have difficulties using contact lenses. Some people are deemed “hard to fit” as contact lens wearers due to their unique eye shape, specific illnesses or disabilities, or even as a result of surgery. 

Some conditions that cause people to be deemed as hard-to-fit candidates include 一 

However,  as technology advances, additional solutions have been made available for hard-to-fit contact lens wearers that help them enjoy the comfort and convenience of contact lenses.

If you have been given clearance to wear contact lenses, your healthcare provider will show you how to put them in and take them out. They will assist you in practising and becoming accustomed to putting in and taking out your contact lenses on your own. 

Here’s how 一 

How to put in contact lenses for the first time

  1. Always wash your hands and dry them before touching your lenses or your eyes to avoid nasty infections. 
  2. Remove the lens from the packet and place it on the opposite fingertip to the eye you wish to put it in. 
  3. Hold your upper and lower eyelids open with the hand that isn’t holding the lens while looking in a mirror. 
  4. Look straight into the mirror when putting on the lens. Wait a few seconds for the lens to settle, then look around the room so that it sits in comfortably 

How to remove contact lenses 

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them before attempting to remove your lens. 
  2. Using the middle finger of your dominant hand, pull down your lower lid while looking up. 
  3. With the index finger of the same hand, gently pull down the lens to the white part of your eye while looking up. 
  4. Using your thumb and your index gently pinch either side of the lens to move them. 

And finally, make sure you follow proper care instructions when putting them back in the case and before using them again. Carefully putting on and removing contact lenses is very important to ensure the health of your eyes and vision. 

If you’re still facing difficulties when putting them on and removing them or notice any redness or swelling, book an appointment with your eye doctor immediately. Prasad Netralaya has its very own contact lens clinic where you can get prescriptions for contact lenses, lens fitting, dispensing, etc. Reach out to us and book an appointment to speak to our doctors right away! 

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