Does Pregnancy Affect Your Eyesight?

Does Pregnancy Affect Your Eyesight?

If you’re expecting, first of all, congratulations! With pregnancy, it’s normal to have morning sickness, lower back pain, and other temporary pregnancy-related issues. However, you might be surprised when changes occur to your eyesight during pregnancy. The changes in eyesight during pregnancy are caused due to hormonal and physical changes that your body goes through during this period. It may sound scary, but issues with eyesight during pregnancy are usually minor and temporary.

You should seek medical attention for some persisting issues connected to pregnancy and other pre-existing conditions. Here are three such problems to be aware of:


If you had diabetes before pregnancy, you need to keep a check on your vision closely. Hence, it becomes important that you monitor your blood sugar levels at all times. Minor vision changes are part and parcel of pregnancy. However, if you notice persistent pain in your eyes, vision loss, or continued discomfort at any time, visit your eye doctor. If you have gestational diabetes, it is imperative for you to get a diabetic eye exam, which includes dilating the eye and looking out for any signs of retinopathy.

High Blood Pressure

During pregnancy, there can be instances of blurry vision or floating spots in front of your eyes. These might be because of increased blood pressure during pregnancy. 


While the intake of Glaucoma medications is considered safe during pregnancy, you need to be aware that certain medications such as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors can be dangerous to the baby. Please consult your eye doctor right away if you are pregnant and suffering from Glaucoma.

Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

IIH [Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension] is a disease categorized by elevated ICP [ intracranial pressure] and related signs and symptoms, with no seeming cause. This disease is predominantly seen in overweight women of childbearing age. Patients with IIH in pregnancy have the same rate of abortion as the normal population and is not considered to be a high risk to the pregnancy. Also, the visual changes for IIH in pregnancy are similar to non-pregnant IIH patients.

Visual Signs and Symptoms

• Transient visual obscurations

• Diplopia

• Visual loss

Visual loss is the most dreaded consequence of IIH in both the general population and pregnancy.

Please consult your eye doctor right away if you are pregnant and suffering from IIH.

Preeclampsia/Eclampsia Associated Retinopathy

Preeclampsia/Eclampsia Associated Retinopathy is characterized by retinal pathologies and this hypertensive disorder of pregnancy is noticed in 10% of all pregnancies.


·        Blurred vision

·        Color vision disturbances

·        Decreased visual field

Serous retinal detachment typically happens before or after delivery, the detachment may be confined to the macula or may involve the entire fundus. 1–2% of patients who develop severe hypertension, proteinuria, and edema during the third trimester of pregnancy develop gradual vision loss because of serous retinal detachment.

Normally, there would be no treatment required after delivery. However, steroids and anti-hypertensive drugs have been proven as effective treatments. Please consult your eye doctor to explore your treatment options.  

Normal Vision Changes

Blurred Vision

Blurry vision is one of the most common eye problems encountered due to pregnancy. Get temporary prescription glasses or contact lenses. If they do not seem to help, please speak to your eye doctor. Most of the hormonal changes that cause blurry vision will continue to fluctuate but will soon return to normal after you give birth.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a temporary, most common, and most irritating condition experienced during pregnancy. The irritation and discomfort are usually doubled if you are wearing contact lenses. It’s always a great idea to consult your optometrist for a good dry eye solution. To relieve dry eyes, eye drops are usually considered safe, even during pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does pregnancy affect your eyesight?

It does, but the condition is mostly temporary. Vision should get back to normal after you give birth.

Is it normal to have blurred vision during pregnancy?

Yes, it is.

When should I call the doctor about blurry vision during pregnancy?

If you experience blurry vision or any other changes all of a sudden due to pregnancy, it’s always best to consult a doctor to avoid complications.

If you or a member of your family is experiencing vision changes during pregnancy, reaching out to us will help. Consult an ophthalmologist at Prasad Netralaya 一 Mangalore and Udupi’s most trusted eye care hospital. Call us at +91 9513596565 or book an appointment,

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