Thinking of Consulting a New Eye Specialist? Read This First!

Thinking of Consulting a New Eye Specialist? Read This First!

Eyes are very important, delicate, precious organs that help us get through the day. When you notice something concerning happening with your eyes, it’s obvious to look for the best ophthalmologist near you.

But then you find yourself asking ‘where do I start looking for one?’, ‘How do I check if the eye doctor is qualified or not?’, ‘who is the best eye doctor near me?’, and more! 

But fret not, this blog will help you find answers to all your questions. Whether you’re looking for an eye specialist in Mangalore or Bangalore, the criteria are all the same. The first one being 一 

Know their specialisations 

Not all doctors are surgeons. Similarly, there are two types of eye care professionals 一  optometrists and ophthalmologists. A majority of optometrists provide diagnostic services and can prescribe spectacles, they are not trained for treatment of any eye disease. Most eye problems, however, require the care of an ophthalmologist, especially if surgery or other specialised care is required.

So make sure you opt for a doctor based on the eye care you need. 

Check for Credentials

Before deciding on a doctor, take your time to research their qualifications. Consider looking at their degree certificate, subspecialty fellow training, and see if they have the necessary training, skill and experience to treat your condition and offer you the best treatment.

Ask for telehealth capacity 

It always helps to have a doctor who practices telehealth. Being able to diagnose and treat patients via video calls or phone calls is very important these days. It can be beneficial as it reduces office visits and can address your routine follow-ups and minor concerns through a virtual visit. 

If you are looking for professionals with access to telehealth, reach out to us at Prasad Netralaya. Our eye specialists are available to take consultations via telecommunication to bring you eye care services in the comfort of your homes. 

Reviews and referrals 

It’s best to start your search for an eye specialist with recommendations from your family, friends, and other healthcare professionals. If you think that they might have biased opinions, reading what other patients have to say about a doctor can also provide you insight into how well they run their practice.

Quality of the clinic 

A quality eye care hospital will support its staff with the best technologies and offer the finest treatments available. Look for reputed hospitals that have state-of-the-art facilities and NABH(National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) accreditation for better outcomes. 

We at Prasad Netralaya are proud to have  NABH accreditation along with medical equipment and technology for the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions. If you are looking for the best eye hospital in Mangalore, Prasad Netralaya is worth considering. With the latest technology and professional eye specialists, we offer the best clinical services for all our patients. Visit our website to know more or reach out to us for any information or queries.