What Makes Prasad Netralaya The Best Eye Care Hospital? Here are 6 Reasons!

What Makes Prasad Netralaya The Best Eye Care Hospital? Here are 6 Reasons!

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. A gateway to sense all that is around you with the two spheres in your skull. Eyesight is arguably the most important sense, and at the same time, susceptible to ailments and conditions that threaten to interfere with that sense. It is important to take proper care of your eyes. And having one of the Best Eye Care Hospitals around you for consults and treatments can only be a good thing. Prasad Netralaya Eye Clinic is the foremost eye treatment hospital in all of Karnataka, and we are just about to learn why. Let’s get to it!

Comprehensive Care

From a simple case of conjunctivitis to serious issues like glaucoma or physical injuries, Prasad Netralaya has the infrastructure and the expertise to treat and care for virtually every ocular problem in the book. Cataract, refractive errors, glaucoma, corneal irregularities, pediatrics, oculoplastic and its subspecialties, and a lot more treatments are available at Prasad Netralaya, making it one of the best eye hospitals in Karnataka.

New Upgrades, Latest Technology

Medical care is constantly evolving. It was only a hundred years or so ago that an innocuous case of dysentery threatened to be fatal. But with the surge of new developments in the health sector over the last century, human life expectancy has nearly doubled. 

Eyecare has also seen big technological developments over the decades. We are on the cusp of a biotechnological revolution with new upgrades constantly being made for machines, devices, as well as treatment methods. Prasad Netralaya is a trailblazer when it comes to constantly keeping up with the best technologies out there, and implementing them at the best eye care hospital around. 

New Studies and Research

Developing new technologies requires constant dedication and commitment to conducting quality research. Prasad Netralaya ensures it remains one of the foremost eye hospitals in Karnataka by continuously encouraging new studies and research on multiple subjects including corneal and retinal defects. 

Specialists, Experts, and Dr. Krishna Prasad

Expect care calls for expert caregivers. In this case, it would be the eye experts carrying out their trades at Prasad Netralaya who are specialists in their departments. Especially in the last decade or so, more focus has been put on expanding our team of experts by onboarding qualified optometrists and BSc OT (operation theater technology) qualified technical staff. Besides, Prasad Netralaya’s Dr. Krishna Prasad is the face of the hospital and has been a pioneer for exceptional eye care, having been invited as a guest faculty at the American as well as European Ophthalmology Society.

Charitable Trust and Eye Care Camps

Speaking of Dr. Krishna Prasad, he is the office-bearer of the All India Institute of Ophthalmological Society, as well as the Karnataka Ophthalmic Society. He is also a trustee of Yashaswini as well as Netra Jyoti Charitable Trust, which was the first to set up eye care camps during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have set up over 2000 eye care camps and conducted over 50,000 free surgeries in 8 districts across 4 states – Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, and Gujarat.

Fellowships and Seminars

Learning never stops at Prasad Netralaya Hospital, which is one of the key reasons they are the best eye care specialists in Karnataka, if not the whole of India. The new age of experts and doctors are being primed at Prasad Netralaya with courses and fellowships in Ophthalmology, leading to constant development and evolution of knowledge with the help of regular seminars.

Are you or anyone you know facing any eye-related troubles you haven’t addressed? Do not neglect proper eye care, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Prasad Netralaya is equipped with the best eye doctors in Mangalore to give you the best treatment possible.
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