What are Smart Contact Lenses and How Does It Work?

What are Smart Contact Lenses and How Does It Work?

We know you heard about smartwatches and fitness bands. But have you heard about smart contact lenses?

Yes, you heard this right. Smart contact lenses are being developed around the world that can do more than just enhance your vision; they will also function as medical devices that can monitor your health and deliver treatment for certain eye conditions.

There are already some companies creating contact lenses that offer augmented reality (AR). This blog will cover everything you need to know about smart contact lenses. As an example, in this blog, we will explain what are smart contact lenses, how do smart lenses work for medical treatment, and many more.

Without any delay, let’s get started!

What are Smart Contact Lenses?

Smart Contact Lenses are designed with advanced optics technology that enhances human possibilities. 

A comprehensive study found thatsmart contact lenses are a new ‘breed’ of wearable medical devices that leverage technology platforms like micro-computers, information or communication systems and other electronic interfaces to offer a versatile, information-age solution for a modern human.”

How do smart contact lenses work for medical treatment?

Here are some ways in which smart contact lenses aid medical treatment, based on the latest research.

  1. Allergy relief

Smart contact lenses provide relief to those who are suffering from allergic conjunctivitis. Johnson & Johnson Vision is working on creating antihistamine-releasing lenses that provide relief from allergic conjunctivitis.

  1. Corneal Injury

In an attempt to treat chemical burns and other severe corneal injuries, several researchers are working on or experimenting with new hydrogel contact lenses

  1. Eye conditions

A variety of big companies like Leo lens are working on developing contact lenses that deliver drugs to the eye to treat glaucoma, corneal abrasions, and other conditions associated with the cornea.

Smart contact lenses for glaucoma

Glaucoma patients have to take highly concentrated eye drops multiple times a day.  And if they miss any doses, it can cause blindness.  In light of that, there is a  piece of good news for the patient who is suffering from glaucoma.  Research shows that two types of lenses soon deliver glaucoma medication into the eye. 

For up to seven days, a lens developed by Leo Lens Technology releases FDA-approved bimatoprost into the eyes. But unfortunately, these lenses are not entered for a clinical trial yet. 

However, a group of Lithuanian undergraduates has developed a dissolving contact lens that continuously delivers glaucoma medication.

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Smart Contact Lenses; that enhance your vision 

Many companies are working on creating advanced contact lenses using several technologies. Here are a few future features of your smart contact lenses.

  1. Zoom feature

With the aid of researchers from Harbin Institute of Technology in China and San Diego University California, a soft contact lens has been created that allows you to zoom in and out with just the blink of an eye to magnify what you’re seeing.

  1. Amplification of low vision

Many scientists across the globe have come together to create perfect smart contact lenses for patients who have low vision. With advanced contact lenses, patients can shift their lenses from normal to magnified vision.

  1. Augmented reality

Several companies like mojo vision are working to create a lens that offers augmented reality (AR). This allows you to access timely information without ever having to look at a screen.

Now, if you’re thinking, you have to wait for ten years to see such kind of invention, then think again.

Many companies and scientists across the globe are working to create such advanced lenses that bring major advantages to our lives.

Those days are not so far from when we all used to wear such advanced lenses.

On that note, we hope you got all your answers about the smart contact lens technology and how it’s going to work for medical treatment. And if you have any problems related to your eyes, please feel free to get in touch with Prasad Netralaya Eye Hospital.