The A – Z of How to Take Care of Your Eyeglasses

The A – Z of How to Take Care of Your Eyeglasses

If you are somebody with spectacles, we know just how difficult it is to keep the eyeglasses clean and take care of them in order to prevent scratches. In this blog, we will help you understand everything you need to know about how to take care of your eyeglasses and prevent common issues such as scratches, breakage, etc. 

Let’s start with the basics of how to take care of your eyeglasses. Here are a few easy tips to help you take better care of your eyeglasses and make them last longer.

Wash Your Spectacles Before Wiping

The first and foremost thing anyone with spectacles should be aware of is how to clean them properly. Most of us make the mistake of wiping our glasses without washing them when they are dirty. 

However, many people do not know that if the spectacles are not washed first, the wiping only results in the dust particles being spread across the glass surface. Not only does it keep the glass surface dirty, but it also leads to scratches.

Use Microfiber Cloth Over Any Other

Avoid using a handkerchief, tissue paper or any cotton cloth to clean your spectacles. These cloth materials and papers can trap coarse particles, further adding lines to your lenses.

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Use The Spectacle Cleansing Solution 

You might think that soap or any other product cannot pose any harm to the lens, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Many times, you unknowingly use products that might have harsh particles. 

These particles will further destroy any protective layers that will be present on the lens. In fact, getting those protective layers is too expensive for one to casually end up destroying them.

Always Keep Your Eyeglasses In Their Case When Not In Use

As the saying goes, “On your face or in your case”, you should always keep the glasses in case you are not using them. It will help keep the dust particles at bay. In contrast, if you keep the eyeglasses in the open instead of putting them in the case, the dust particles present in the atmosphere can accumulate on the lenses.

How to Keep Spectacles in the Case?

It is also essential to note that the way you place your spectacles in the case makes a huge difference in the life of your frame as well as the lenses. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you always keep your spectacles with the lens facing upward. Otherwise, when the lens touches or rubs against the surface of the case, it might result in scratches.

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How To Prevent Spectacles?

Although eyeglasses have become the new normal, it would be best to take adequate steps to eliminate or minimize the need for wearing spectacles. To help you ensure this, here are just a few important tips that you must consider implementing in your day-to-day life. 

The most important thing to remember is to eat green veggies. Green vegetables have an abundant amount of zeaxanthin, lutein, and many healthy antioxidants that are essential for your eyes’ health. 

Secondly, always wear sunglasses when going in the sun. They will protect your eyes from harmful Ultraviolet rays. UV rays can lead to many eye problems, such as damage to the cornea, macular degeneration, cataract and weakening of the eyes.

In addition, if you spend a huge amount of your time staring at a computer or laptop screen, always remember to look away from the screen for at least 20 seconds once in a while. This is especially important for people who have an extended screen time.

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