Cataract Eye Surgery: Cost, Recovery & After Care

Cataract Eye Surgery: Cost, Recovery & After Care

The natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy and opaque with age, leading to a condition called Cataract. If not treated in time, cataract can lead to vision loss or blindness. In fact, cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. Thanks to cataract eye surgery, this condition can be easily dealt with. Continue reading to know more about cataract eye surgery, its types, cost, recovery and aftercare. 

Till date, there isn’t any medicine or eye-drop that treats cataract. Although sometimes eyeglasses are prescribed for the nearsightedness caused by cataract, it is just a temporary solution and does not stop the cataract from getting worse with time. The only proven treatment for cataract is the surgical removal of it. During cataract surgery, the cloudy lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens, thus restoring clear vision. 

What is the cost of Cataract Surgery in India? 

The exact cataract surgery cost depends on the hospital and the cataract surgery type, but it is normally somewhere between 15,000 to 80,000 INR. 

What are the types of Cataract Surgery? 

Cataract surgery types include two different methods. 

  1. Micro-Incision Cataract Surgery 

Micro-incision cataract surgery is the most common method of cataract surgery. Here, the surgeon makes a tiny incision into the cornea and then inserts a tiny surgical instrument called the probe, through it. The probe uses ultrasound waves to break up the lens into tiny pieces. Then the surgeon removes the pieces. Once the damaged lens has been removed, the surgeon places a new artificial lens in its place. 

  1. Extracapsular Surgery

During Extracapsular Surgery, the surgeon makes a large incision in the cornea. This makes it easier to remove the whole cloudy core of the lens in one piece. The rest of the lens is later removed by suction. This method is used when the cost of surgery is an issue.

Cataract Surgery Recovery Time 

Recovery from cataract surgery is quick and easy as long as you don’t have any other major eye condition. The whole process takes about 10 to 15 minutes but you will have to rest for about an hour after it. Your chances of a good vision after this surgery are very high.  You will be given protective glasses to be worn for a few days to protect your eyes from bright light and dust. 

It is normal for your vision to seem a bit blurry or cloudy for some time because it takes a while for your eyes to adapt to the new lens. There are even chances of developing red eyes because of the temporary damage caused to your blood vessels. However, this is completely normal and will heal as your eyes heal within a few days. There are some patients who even report clear vision in just a few hours after surgery. Healing is an individual process and is different for different people. So even if it takes a week or two longer for your eyes to see clear images, there is no need to panic. 

Cataract Surgery Aftercare 

For a safe and speedy recovery from cataract surgery, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind – 

  1. Do not drive on your first day after the surgery. 
  2. Do not lift heavy objects or indulge in any strenuous activities for a few weeks.
  3. Avoid bending over, to prevent putting extra pressure on your eye, soon after the surgery. 
  4. Be careful while walking around after the surgery and take extra precautions from bumping into things.
  5. To reduce the risk of infections, avoid swimming or using a tub during the first week.
  6. Take extra precautions from exposing your eye to water, dust and wind during the first week after surgery. 
  7. Do not rub your eyes. 

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