5 tips to keep Sore Eyes away this Summer

5 tips to keep Sore Eyes away this Summer

Sore eyes are common in children and adults during summer. It causes the eyes to feel sore, red and itchy, 5 tips to keep Sore Eyes away this Summer

Summer calls for sunscreens and fresh fruit juices. And if you think sunglasses are only meant to protect your eyes from the scorching sun, you might want to think again. Here are the 5 tips to keep Sore Eyes away this Summer

A common summer infection, Conjunctivitis or Sore eyes is a viral inflammation of the outer membrane of the eyeball and the inner eyelid. The eyes turn red and watery, with a prickly sensation.

5 tips to keep Sore Eyes away this Summer

Due to its viral nature, Conjunctivitis often requires at least a week’s term to completely heal.

Here are the TOP 5 TIPS on how to keep Conjunctivitis at bay:



Sunglasses don’t just sun-protect your eyes, but also prevent dust and dirt from entering your eyes. Since Conjunctivitis is a viral infection, you are more prone to it each time you step outside.

So every time you leave home, don’t forget those glares!


Summer heat breeds bacteria and virus-causing germs. You want to make sure you aren’t transferring the virus to your eyes, with your own hands.

Unless you’ve thoroughly washed your hands with soap and water, or at least sanitized them, avoid touching/rubbing your eyes with your bare hands.


Sharing is caring. But in this case, we suggest otherwise. Not sharing is most definitely caring.

Sharing items like sunglasses or eye cosmetics also means unknowingly sharing or transferring the germs and virus from one’s eye to the other.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, keep them away from children, as they are easily prone to such infections.

5 tips to keep Sore Eyes away this Summer


Wash your linen in hot water and detergent, and maybe a good antibacterial laundry solution. Change your pillowcases and bed sheets often, and your towels and washcloths every day.

This prevents bacteria from breeding in it. Also, you might want to avoid sharing towels. It’s never a good idea to share linen.

5 tips to keep Sore Eyes away this Summer


Try as much to avoid public swimming pools, or make sure your children wear swimming googles.

Even getting your makeup done at a mall could expose you to the virus, considering the number of people that have used the same products and brushes.

Carry a hand-sanitizer and tissues, in case you might need to use the public washroom. 

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